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A Note About Collectionist Culture

Posted by Kate on  March 22, 2020

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In light of recent world events and the stories we’ve been hearing on the news about the shortages of necessities like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, I would like to take a little time and talk about the collectionist culture we live in today.  Note that I said collectionist and not collectivist. Two very different things. The word “collectionist” is a word I made up to describe people who have a habit of collecting items
(Slight spoiler warning for all three seasons of this show, and a trigger warning for the discussion of this show’s sexual and violent content.) Jessica Jones, as with Marvel’s other Netflix shows, is much darker and covers much more adult topics than the more broadly-known Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Speaking as an about-to-be college sophomore and having grown up in a fairly conservative home, it’s safe to say that this time last year, the thought of
Sherlock and John from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Kirk and Spock from Star Trek. Dean and Castiel from Supernatural. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes from the Marvel comics and movies. Crowley and Aziraphale from Neil Gaiman’s book and new Amazon Prime show Good Omens. What ties these pairs of characters together? They’re all characters from popular media who have close relationships with each other and are often found or thought of together within
In my last post, I gave details on my first comic-con, ACE Seattle. It was a pretty long post and covered multiple topics, but I decided to break it into two posts because I think the cosplayers at this con deserve a post to themselves. I love cosplay, and have tried out a few cosplays myself, even though I’m not very experienced at it. In fact, I went to the con as Claudia Donovan, my
I had the fantastic opportunity this past weekend to visit ACE Comic-Con in Seattle, and since I was approved for a press pass (amazing, right?) I got to bring in a camera with me! You know what that means – bring on the pictures! I confess that I am not a photographer, and borrowed the camera from a friend. So don’t expect anything artsy. But you know what they say, no pics = it didn’t