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Superhighway by Alex Fayman is an action-packed adventure novel with a flair for flinging the character into one dramatic situation after another. Fayman creates a believable character in an unbelievable setting, playing on readers’ preconceived notions of topics such as wealth, science, and crime to give the story weight. Though fast-paced and a little lacking in detail, this book is a roller-coaster that will carry you through to the end.

Alexander Fine has lived in an orphanage since he was a baby. Foster families have never worked out for him, and he has given up on ever finding a family. When he is eighteen, the orphanage acquires several computers and installs a computer lab in the former library. In an accidental turn of events, Alex discovers that he can travel via Internet to any place he desires. Between meeting new people, traveling to new places, and getting in way over his head in a powerful crime ring, Alex’s life is changed forever as he struggles to contain his secret. But is he alone in his abilities?

My impression of the book was that it had a good storyline but that it went by too fast. It had too little emotional detail, utilizing more action than anything to keep the story alive. Though the character is constantly questioning his own decisions, they seem to factor little in the overall arc of the story. It favors action and description over the character’s internal thoughts and experiences, even though the latter seem to take up quite a bit of time. At some points, the character makes decisions that make little sense or jumps to conclusions too quickly, leaving the reader a little bit confused about the reasons behind the next step in the plot.

However, the story filled me with thrills and suspense as the character struggled to make sense of his newfound ability, and keep others from finding out. The descriptions of his experiences traveling through the Internet impressed me with the author’s ability to transfer strong visual cues, allowing me to experience the journey right along with him. Traveling from his home city of Los Angeles to Hawaii, Amsterdam, and New York, the variety of settings open readers’ minds to the possibilities and difficulties that Alex’s ability brings. I found myself turning pages faster and faster as the story progressed, and I will probably read the sequel.

This book was very well edited, as I only found two mistakes, and the format makes it easy to read. Audiences teen and up who enjoy fast-paced adventure novels starring characters with unusual abilities will likely love this book. Also, fans of romance will enjoy the relationship angle between Alex and other female characters. My official rating is 3 out of 4 stars. Though the content often leaves much to readers’ imaginations, the overall story is engaging and a worthwhile read.

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