(Author’s Note: Avengers: Infinity War came out on April 26th, and I thought since there’s such a huge hype about it, and I personally have an emotional attachment to this thing, I should write a post on it. This isn’t a review of the movie, just me talking about the kinds of things that ran through my mind most while I was waiting for the movie to finally come out.)

Let’s get started!

I’m a HUGE Marvel fan, so much so that my family members (who are also fans) tease me about it. And last Thursday I got to finally watch Avengers: Infinity War!

My family usually goes together to see Marvel movies, but this time I got a text from a friend saying that there was a group of grads from my homeschool group going to see it together.

Of course I said yes, especially since the 26th was at least a day earlier than I had planned on seeing it, depending on when my family had time to go.

I was so excited.

The entire 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has culminated in this moment, and though I’m not going to spoil anything in this post since it’s been less than two weeks since the movie came out, I just wanted to share some of my biggest feelings and hopes that I had regarding this movie before I saw it.

First of all, I wanted to see it as soon as possible. There was no way I was going to let social media spoil it for me (I saw my first spoiler post today on Pinterest, as a matter of fact, and I was so glad I’d seen the movie), and I didn’t want to have to stay off the Internet altogether if it was going to be a while before I’d seen it.

I also was (like I mentioned already) really, really pumped!

I mean, nothing like this has ever been done in the history of movies before. It’s such a big crossover! I have seen all the movies anywhere between one and two dozen times, except for Spiderman: Homecoming, and can practically quote some of them.

I’ve grown very attached to most of the characters, and was constantly reading and coming up with theories of my own about what the Russo brothers were going to do with the movie. But, judging from how amazing Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War turned out, I wasn’t really worried that the movie would be terrible.

I was worried about the characters, obviously. I have definitely have favorite characters, and I don’t want to see anything happen to them. But I also like to try to see movies from a storyteller’s point of view as well. So imagine seeing the story from both sides, both as a fan (“I really hope they don’t kill off this character! The universe wouldn’t be the same without him/her!”), and as a writer (“Hmm, this character’s story arc is just about complete. The best ending for this character would be to _______ and then probably die.”).

Like I said, I’m not giving away any spoilers in this post, but some of my theories turned out to be correct and others were way off mark. There were some things that were totally unexpected and had never even crossed my mind.

And finally, I was super impressed with the hype. The marketing was done so well! Every time I turned around, at least on my social media, there was a new poster, or a new trailer, or a new TV spot. By keeping the movie and what could possibly happen so public and yet so under wraps (no spoilers, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo!), it really kept people talking about it and wondering what was going to happen.

Overall, my general impression of the movie itself was that I probably shouldn’t make a decision yet – I need to wait for Avengers 4 before I can make a final judgement on what I really thought of it. But Marvel already has an A+ in market strategy, in my opinion.

As far as rating the movie goes, I’ll just say that I’m very glad I went to see it, and if you’re a Marvel fan, you should go and see it, too. I even got a cool souveneir

Avengers: Infinity War cup! I’m going to take it to college with me and use it for popcorn.

I will post again in a few weeks with a full-breakdown review – spoilers and everything – about my most and least favorite moments in Avengers: Infinity War. Make sure you see it before then!


Here’s the trailer for you (if you by some coincidence you haven’t seen it):

On a side note, what kind of a fan are you? Do you try and research everything you can about a movie beforehand – promos, clips, fan theories, because it increases the anticipation for you? Or do you try to stay away from anything related to the movie because you don’t want to have the experience ruined by possible spoilers?

I’m of the first opinion – in my mind, the anticipation before the event is half the fun! I always try to make the most of the wait, so even if I’m disappointed in the movie, I at least enjoyed something.

Comment below and tell me which one you are!

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