Which Hogwarts House Am I In?

Which Hogwarts House Am I In?

I’ve been going through lists of posts you should make when starting a blog. You know, looking for ideas about what to write.

And one of the ideas that I’ve found most popular is to share your Pottermore sorting.

Obviously, I thought that would make a good starting point.

I’ve recently gotten into Harry Potter. I read all the books within the last few months, and saw all eight movies in less than a week with my family.

And though it’s not my most favorite series in the world, I like it enough to research J. K. Rowling’s writing techniques, such as the meanings behind her characters’ names and the inspiration for certain scenes.

So I decided to visit Pottermore and sign up to see what house I would be sorted into.

It’s not what I expected.

Before I read the series, I had taken a couple of those internet quizzes that sorted you into the different Hogwarts houses, but they were pretty straightforward and obvious enough that I could tell which answers I would have to give to end up in a certain house.

So naturally, I ended up in Gryffindor, which is my favorite house.

But on Pottermore, the questions were a lot more intense and unpredictable

And I ended up in….




Not a bad house, just not what I expected. I can now claim a commonality with Cedric Diggory, after all.

Pottermore says that your house is permanent (at least on the site), so I’ll go with Hufflepuff for now.

But I can still be secretly disappointed that I wasn’t in Gryffindor…


Additionally, I also found out what my Patronus would be.

The graphics in the quiz were pretty cool.

But I’m not sure what this is. Maybe I missed it in the books, maybe it’s because I haven’t read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet. Maybe you guys can fill me in.

My Patronus is an…


Is it like a cross between a cat and an ocelot? It’s pretty cool, in my opinion, even though I don’t know exactly what it is.

Pottermore says the test can be only taken once, which makes sense. But it’s also a bummer, because I can’t help wanting to know what it would have been if I’d made different choices.


Let me know in the comments which Hogwarts house you’re in, or even if you’re a HP fan or not.

And don’t be afraid to ask me questions about what I liked or didn’t like in the series (for example, I think my favorite book would be either Order of the Phoenix or Deathly Hallows).

I’ll start a Harry Potter thread on the forums, as well.

I’ll sign off with my favorite quote from the series, or rather, word:

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