About Me

I am in love with books, movies, TV shows, and music – basically anything that involves a story. I am in multiple fandoms and love to read and discuss stories with anyone who will listen. I am currently a book reviewer for OnlineBookClub.org and a college student studying music composition. I love listening to music (mostly film music!), playing around with my synthesizer, writing about things I’m passionate about, and losing myself in a great movie or book. But don’t ask me to choose a favorite book. Or a favorite movie. Just don’t – it’s like picking a child.

My eventual career goal is to become a film composer, and/or work in some way on films. I hope to continue this blog and eventually branch out into YouTube reviews, as well as podcasts.  This blog has no one main focus outside of fandom and stories in general – I hope to cover a multitude of related topics, including history, trailer breakdowns, psychology and personality types, easter eggs, classical literature, cosplay,  film editing, and more.

I am a child of God, and want to ultimately show the world His love and grace through my work and my life. I believe that all stories are born out of the One Story, the story God started writing when He created the world, and that there are secrets to real life to be gleaned from the stories we see and hear.

The title of this blog comes from the invented word litmosphere, meaning ‘the vast domain of the world’s readers and writers; a lively literary mood permeating the air’, according to powells.com. Though the purpose of this blog has expanded from more than just books to stories in general, the aim of this blog is still to foster that kind of literary mood between readers, writers, movie watchers, Netflix bingers, fanfiction authors, cosplayers, musicians, and everyone else who loves a good story. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will stay and continue to be informed and uplifted by my posts!

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