Which Hogwarts House Am I In?

Which Hogwarts House Am I In?

I’ve been going through lists of posts you should make when starting a blog. You know, looking for ideas about what to write.

And one of the ideas that I’ve found most popular is to share your Pottermore sorting.

Obviously, I thought that would make a good starting point.

I’ve recently gotten into Harry Potter. I read all the books within the last few months, and saw all eight movies in less than a week with my family.

And though it’s not my most favorite series in the world, I like it enough to research J. K. Rowling’s writing techniques, such as the meanings behind her characters’ names and the inspiration for certain scenes.

So I decided to visit Pottermore and sign up to see what house I would be sorted into.

It’s not what I expected.

Before I read the series, I had taken a couple of those internet quizzes that sorted you into the different Hogwarts houses, but they were pretty straightforward and obvious enough that I could tell which answers I would have to give to end up in a certain house.

So naturally, I ended up in Gryffindor, which is my favorite house.

But on Pottermore, the questions were a lot more intense and unpredictable

And I ended up in….




Not a bad house, just not what I expected. I can now claim a commonality with Cedric Diggory, after all.

Pottermore says that your house is permanent (at least on the site), so I’ll go with Hufflepuff for now.

But I can still be secretly disappointed that I wasn’t in Gryffindor…


Additionally, I also found out what my Patronus would be.

The graphics in the quiz were pretty cool.

But I’m not sure what this is. Maybe I missed it in the books, maybe it’s because I haven’t read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet. Maybe you guys can fill me in.

My Patronus is an…


Is it like a cross between a cat and an ocelot? It’s pretty cool, in my opinion, even though I don’t know exactly what it is.

Pottermore says the test can be only taken once, which makes sense. But it’s also a bummer, because I can’t help wanting to know what it would have been if I’d made different choices.


Let me know in the comments which Hogwarts house you’re in, or even if you’re a HP fan or not.

And don’t be afraid to ask me questions about what I liked or didn’t like in the series (for example, I think my favorite book would be either Order of the Phoenix or Deathly Hallows).

I’ll start a Harry Potter thread on the forums, as well.

I’ll sign off with my favorite quote from the series, or rather, word:

Harry Potter GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY



Welcome to the Litmosphere!

Welcome to the Litmosphere!

Welcome to the Litmosphere!


Unless you’ve done it, you have no idea how much goes into starting a blog.

And I don’t even think I’ve experienced half of it yet!

But now…

I think I’m ready to get it started.

Not everything’s perfect, and I still have a lot of setup to do.

But I’ve decided to take the plunge and get started, or else I may never “get around to it”.




Welcome to Litmospheria!

I know that the term seems to mostly refer to book lovers, but I’ve decided to expand the term to anyone who loves a good story, no matter what your definition of a good story may be.

I’ve noticed that people, especially those obsessed with books or movies or TV shows (is that referred to as a nerd or a geek? I always get it mixed up. Maybe I’ll make a post about it…) need a place to just talk about it.

We need to make memes about it, fangirl over favorite characters, search for hidden easter eggs (who doesn’t like doing that?), debate the merits of particular storylines or versions of things, rant about the stupidity of certain characters or scenes, et cetera.

You get the picture.

As it so happens, I needed a place for that too, and I knew that I like to write about my passions.

So Litmospheria was born, and I hope that eventually it will become home to all you bookworms, you fandom-obsessed, you library-lovers, you cinema-goers, you Pinterest-pinners and Tumblr users, and anyone else who wants to join a group of people who love the same things you do.

May this blog meet your needs (and your obsessive cravings),



Author of Litmospheria